North America Masaba Cultural Association

Bamasaba Convention and Festival


NAMCA, the umbrella organization that brings together the Bamasaba in the Diaspora is organizing a Bamasaba Convention and Festival in Mbale, Uganda from December 15th  to 16th, 2017. Working together with Inzu Ya Masaba (Inzu) and other Bamasaba in Uganda, this meeting will attract Bamasaba leaders and different stakeholders from both Uganda and Kenya. These leaders will discuss topical issues impacting the development of the region and will additionally celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Bamasaba under the theme “Empowering Bamasaba through Unity and Development: Diaspora and Local Efforts”. Most importantly, this event will showcase and fundraise for NAMCA’s flagship project, the Educational Resource Center (ERC).

Objectives and Expectations

To present the Educational Resource Center (ERC) as an example of the vehicles that Bamasaba can use for collective development action.
To present and fundraise for the ERC
To generate ideas and strategies for empowerment of Bamasaba through unity of purpose; how to build trust and confidence.
To discuss the value of our culture, especially circumcision
To discuss Education, Health and Entrepreneurship; Initiate a mechanism and/or workgroup for reporting the state of collective welfare.
Networking and knowledge sharing
To discuss how to integrate projects started individually by Bamasaba
To push for a formal mechanism of tracking projects started by Bamasaba
To discuss avenues of promoting Butwela bwe Bamasaba.

Audience and Venue

The expected audience for the convention on Friday December 15th will be 500 civic leaders; Politicians, Religious leaders, Business people, Entrepreneurs, Academics and Students (in institutions of higher learning). The meeting will take place at the Mbale Resort Hotel. The Festival will be open on Saturday December 16th to about 1,000 people who will enjoy and celebrate the Bamasaba cultural heritage at Malukhu grounds.


As a way of creating awareness to this event, several “curtain-raiser” functions will be held during the week preceding the convention. There are several functions that are being discussed but a 5K run and a procession around Mbale town are at the top of the list. The Convention will start at 8am on Friday December 15th. It will feature several discussions and forums on issues that affect the Bamasaba in the East African region and the Diaspora. The organizers will be inviting the President of Uganda to be the Chief Guest and to deliver the keynote address. Following the meetings, on Friday evening, there will be a fundraising Dinner/Dance for the ERC which will also showcase the talented and upcoming Musicians and Artistes from the region. The Festival on Saturday December 16th is intended to be an open event and will mainly feature music, dances and folklore covering the wide spectrum of the Bamasaba culture.


Early and online registration will be encouraged for the convention via the NAMCA website ( There will be 3 registration periods; Early-bird, Standard and Late. Early-bird will be discounted and late registration (at the door) will be the most expensive.

Organizational Structure

At the apex of this structure is the NAMCA Board. The board has formed a NAMCA Bamasaba Convention Planning Committee which is being chaired by Past-President Nicholas Wakou. This committee is being assisted on the ground in Uganda by a team led by Hon. David Waniala (Minister for Diaspora, Inzu Ya Masaba). The Uganda team will have scheduled meetings in Mbale and Kampala.

Financial Projections

The committee is still working out the details but the rough estimate cost for this event will be between US$40,000 to $50,000. This money will be raised through registration fees, corporate sponsorships, donations, fundraising events etc. The detailed estimated budget and periodic financial reports will be made available to all stakeholders.

Main Contacts

Chairman Bamasaba Convention Planning Committee- Nicholas Wakou 587 5950
Chairman Bamasaba Convention Uganda Preparatory Committee – Hon David Waniala +256 755 510 474
Chairman Publicity, Mobilization Committee – Dr. Moses Khisa +1-872 985 4289
Chairperson Educational Resource Center (ERC) – Dr. Florence Wakoko-Studstill +1-706 325 6780

Sponsorship Opportunities

The sponsorship package has a list of different sponsorship levels with the attendant benefits. For example the benefits for the platinum sponsor ($3,000) include

A full page company logo/ad to feature in Convention Program book.
Prime-time presentation opportunity to the entire audience.
Vendor booth space, including table and chairs.
Passes to all events, for each day of the Convention and Festival.
Company logo will be displayed on all literature and online promotions as a Platinum Sponsor.
Banner with your company name and logo.
Logo on event T-shirt.
Media exposure.
Company slogan displayed at website.
Honorable Mention and Recognition at Convention.
Company promotional materials allowed to be distributed at the Convention events. Below are the opportunities for the other categories:

$2000 - Gold Medal: Logo on event T-shirt, three day passes to all events, full page company logo in program book, vendor booth, company slogan displayed at website, mention at convention, company promotional materials shared.

$1,500 - Silver Medal: Logo on event T-shirt, three day passes to all events, half page company logo in program book, mention at convention,  company promotional materials shared.

$1,000 - Bronze Medal: Logo on event T-shirt, one day pass to an event, half page company logo in program book, vendor booth,  company promotional materials shared.