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Membership & Community Outreach Committee - The mission of the Membership Committee is to promote, increase ,retain and engage NAMCA membership. The committee maintains and grows the membership data base, surveys the membership for interests, needs, and strengths.

Finance & Development Committee - The Finance Committee is responsible for maintaining the budget, issuing monthly status reports, assuring the records are audited yearly and investigating avenues for fund-raising.It is also responsonsible for identifying priority areas for NAMCA.

Programs & Planning Committee -This  Committee is responsible for the design and selection of programs ,establishment of external partnerships , oversee and monitor  the delivery of services, products and donations  to NAMCA beneficiaries. It's also charged with crafting and reviewing progress of NAMCA's  strategic plan.

Women Youth and Culture - This Committee has the responsibility of promoting women and youth in NAMCA activities and ensuring all programs, events and services address their needs. it's also charged with educating and promoting  Masaaba language and culture. 

AGM Conference Planning (Adhoc Committee)  - Assist with planning our Exciting popular annual conference held each May.

Website & App Development (Adhoc Committee) -This is our tech committee - it plans and builds  innovative ways and tools to engage with our membership , and effectively administer the association . It oversees  maintainenance and continual improvement of the NAMCA website.

Public Relations & Communications Committee -The PR Committee supports the Board and Committees to increase the visibility of NAMCA and to enhance and strengthen the NAMCA's  image by providing a complete and consistent message (via electronic and print communications) to the public and NAMCA members. The Commitee is oversees our social networking activities, publishes the NAMCA newsletter.

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